Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too old to jump

So after class we all decided to play some basketball. It was a really good way to get an hour of cardio in. Unfortunately, its not even an hour later and I am sore as heck.

Oh well it's still worth it. Also, I did pretty good with my food today, had a nice salad with dinner and skipped all the fried foods.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Introductions and hellos

Hello out there in the interwebs, yep you guessed it this is a fat guy gets skinny blog. I am creating this blog in the hopes that I can commit to getting on here every day and posting something. More than that, I am trying to get my life moving in a positive direction. I know life is rough out there everywhere, but this is my own personal spiritual quest, get your own.   Hey man what the heck does that title mean? Well my fiance created her own blog called girly bitz(found here Girl Bitz). Well I am the infamous MB, that she raves about. So I'm sure this will eventually be a forum for getting sweet sweet internet revenge on her.

Starting off today, well it's a rough week for me. I am away from home for work, in a place that serves 3 free all you can eat meals a day. I am trying to reign it in, but it is tough. Today was the first time I really ran in a long time. I was on track to lose weight and run a 5k, then got a debilitating injury. I have kind of been afraid to test it out, but so far so good.

Well that's enough for today, got homework to do.

Goodnight and good luck.